OCT 4-7, 2019
An activation of the Bay Area regenerative community in service to All Beings Thriving in our bioregion.


breathing together as one

This October 4-7, 2019 the Terran Collective is gathering our trusted collaborators-- all of you brilliant, passionate, heart centered beings doing regenerative work in our bioregion -- to learn, create, play and breathe together.

We will convene at a regenerative farm in Pescadero, CA to build coherence around a shared vision for our bioregion, and a collective strategy to manifest the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

Join us to connect and collaborate with all your inspiring neighbors that are experimenting with new models of living, working, organizing and coordinating human activity, to learn together how to be in full cooperation with one another and the land we live on.

We are calling in the original peoples of this land, to teach us how to be in right relationship.

We are calling in the elders who have led the way, to council us.

We are calling in the children, for whom we do this work, to teach us how to stay open, curious and playful.

We are calling you in, because we need your piece of the puzzle, and because we want to support you in finding your purpose, and reaching your fullest thriving and empowerment in service to our collective dreams.

Why this gathering now? 

Because our civilization is in an existential crisis. It’s time to tell a new story of what it means to be human, the story of interbeing, and adopt new and remembered models for how to be in reciprocal relationship with each other and the earth, or else the age of humans will come to an end. At the same time we have everything we need to step into fully harmonious cooperation with each other and the planet! So let us embody this new story and experiment with what is possible, right here and right now, on the land we live and with the people in our communities. The Great Turning is upon us, let us take up the challenge. 

What will we do together?

We will take solid, sure-footed steps in the direction of all beings thriving through a number of important initiatives

We will work on the land, learning about and contributing to the beautiful regenerative farm, village and business accelerator that is the Mushroom Farm. 

We will connect, commune and play together! There will be music, art, dancing, time to just be together, and time to celebrate life with one another.

We will eat delicious, farm to table meals!

And we will sit in ceremony together, dedicating ourselves to be in service to regenerating and sustaining life on earth, and making specific personal commitments in our part of this work. 



The farm we will be hosted by is a stunningly beautiful 750-acre regenerative land project just 1 hour south of San Francisco. We will be on the coast so temperatures can range from hot and sunny to foggy and chilly. Location will be revealed when you register!


There is ample space for camping, and glamping tents are available. If you need even more comfort you can stay at Costanoa Lodge next door.


Three healthy farm to table meals will be provided every day. BYO snacks and drinks, and extra to share is always appreciated!


Will be offered through a combination of dedicated volunteers and support from parents.

Tickets & Costs

You should have received an invitation from Secret Party to purchase your tickets, which you can look up by email here. If you have not then please email us at info@terran.io and let us know a little bit about you and why you would like to join us at Cospiracy!

This event is invite only, once you register you will have the opportunity to invite up to 3 others who you believe should be at this gathering. If you want to invite more please email us.

To truly live by our values we have decided to offer this event in the spirit of the gift and with full transparency of our budget. This means you pay what you can afford based on your resources, and you will see exactly what your contribution is going towards.

We are planning to convene around 100 people and at that number the recommended contribution to the event is $333. This amount covers your costs, helps with our fixed costs, and gives a little extra for those who can’t afford the full amount. The minimum ticket price for the full 3 days is $111 which covers the baseline per/person costs like meals and supplies but doesn’t contribute to our fixed costs. There are also 1 day tickets available for Saturday only. If you can’t afford the minimum then please contact us at info@terran.io and we will do our best to make it possible for you to join us. If you can afford to pay more than the recommended contribution please do, knowing that your contribution will help bring in more people from underserved communities in our bioregion as well as help cover costs for some of the regenerative leaders we would love to have at the table. Also you will be enabling the Mushroom Farm to better thrive and grow!

Once you register please add yourself to the attendee spreadsheet linked to in the email invitation, then you can click on the Budget tab to see how your contribution has effected the total we need to raise. We do plan to list every single attendee here along with the amount they have contributed. We believe that this type of transparency is necessary for us to move to equitable systems for human coordination based on full solidarity and cooperation. If we end up with profit we will decide collectively what to do with it!

Help with the event <3

This event is co-created by the Terran Collective and the regenerative farm we are being hosted by. If you want to contribute/co-create in any way contact info@terran.io! The more we work together on this gathering, the more powerful it will be.

We are going to ask every attendee to contribute one shift of stewardship for the event. This could include childcare, cooking, photography, MOOPing, registration… more info to come.


Friday, October 4th

Arrival and Settling In
Dinner together
Opening Circle

Our first breath together! We will acknowledge the land and create the container for a weekend of deep connection and collaboration. Please do arrive by this time if possible.

Fireside connection, songs, and music into the evening

Saturday, October 5th

Movement Practice

Collective Meditation
The Terran Collective: Vision, Mission and Strategy

Who is the Terran Collective,  and why have we convened this gathering? Our vision, mission, principles, and bioregional strategy.

Individual Thriving

The foundational level of the fractal thriving model is the self. In this session, we’ll be examining why individual thriving is so important to collective thriving. Facilitated introspective exercises: connect to your purpose, identify what personal thriving means to you, explore what needs you have to promote your thriving, and consider how a collective can help. 

Bioregional Trust Building: Facilitated networking around Ask/Offer 

The best part of many conferences is meeting collaborators and nurturing relationships. We’ll go straight to the good part with group activities designed to connect participants based on purpose, skill sets, and opportunities to help each other thrive.

Presentations from Bioregional Community Leaders and Elders

Guilds: Groups of Shared Purpose

Not just a working group, guilds are coordination and knowledge-sharing containers. Guided by self-determination, we will build relationships with people who share our passions and determine how to best collaborate across our organizations and projects.

Regenerative Design Principles

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are amazing - but they are also top-down and disconnected from the advantages and unique solution sets alive within place-based organizing. We’ll be co-developing living, iterative principles - rooted in place - to guide the work we do in our bioregion and measure the success of our efforts here. 

Bioregion Commitment Ceremony

How do we participate in regeneration right here, right now, starting with us? We are creating a space for witnessing and commitment, where each of us can commit to the wellbeing of the places we inhabit.

Celebration - music & dancing - share & tell

A celebration of all our many splendored gifts! A chance to share from the heart, to witness and support each other, and to play! Then, we dance 💃

Sunday, October 6th

Movement Practice
Collective Meditation

Technology for building trust

How can we use technology to enhance trust and collaboration across our networks here in the bioregion and beyond? We will discuss and demonstrate a prototype of our Relate tool which maps trusted relationships and which we hope can be the foundation for a new tech commons infrastructure designed for human thriving.  

Delegation to Ohlone Gathering
Mapping the ecosystem

To collaborate on bioregional regeneration, we will identify existing efforts, trustworthy partners, and protocols to coordinate projects. We will explore who is directly impacted by these issues, who is doing compelling work on them already, and who will move this work forward?

Unified Planning

What happens after this weekend? We’ll share action plans, goals, and dates for future gatherings. Cospiracy is just the beginning of our collaboration together.

Open Space

Closing Circle (so those who need to be home Sunday night may do so)

Closing the container of the Cospiracy and opening the door to deep bioregional collaboration moving forward!

Music and hanging into the night

Monday, October 7th
(optional day to work on the farm)

Movement practice
Collective meditation
Farm work with the Mushroom Farm team

We will dive into action helping the farm regenerate the land. The day will include a permaculture workshop followed by de-MOOPing, clearing invasive species, and planting seedlings in the regenerative no-till vegetable garden

About Terran

Our mission is to heal ourselves,
to care for our bodies, minds and spirits
So that we can walk in power
And discern with clarity
Fostering our abilities
To fix what is broken
To restore what is lost
To heal what is wounded
To care for what has been forgotten
To regenerate the ravaged land
To foster abundance through our liberation,
and the liberation of all beings
Starting right here, in this place, with you.

The Terran Collective is a community of friends who are stepping out of the current systems and into something radically new. We are a community of care, supporting each member in their holistic health, empowerment and thriving. We are a community of practice, collaborating on projects aligned with our mission, and supporting each of us in finding our purpose and doing the work that is ours to do. 

Terran channels community weaving, alignment and coherence generation among the greater regenerative network, as well as storytelling and movement building around this shared vision. We are just beginning to step out into the world, and we invite you to join us. 

The Stewards of Cospiracy

Kelly Erhart

Kelly’s passion for innovation and environmental stewardship has led her to devoting herself to focus on areas where she sees the largest imminent threats to our planet. She is committed to reframing complex issues into solutions that foster emergence and facilitate growth for impactful technologies. She has cultivated a multidisciplinary background, with a focus in systems thinking - with experience in international event production, disaster relief project management, and commercialization of sustainable technologies and carbon capture methods. She is currently Co Founder & COO of Ecozoic Resources, a waterless biofiltration toilet company and Co Founder of Project Vesta, a project to sequester carbon dioxide by accelerating the weathering of olivine.

Neha Sharma

Neha is committed to tapping into collective insight & foresight in order to restore & regenerate our relationship with the planet. She primarily does this through strategy work and impactful partnerships. Currently, her energy goes towards energy efficiency & intelligence in the built environment, exercise facilitation for group alignment, and bridge building between disparate networks & nodes. She involves herself in many side projects and shticks to ensure that her soul is always activated. Inquiries of this season include: What will allow beings to cooperate harmoniously across scales? In conversations about building the future, how do we ensure all voices and stakeholders are represented?

Tibet Sprague

Tibet is a communitarian since birth, a technologist for good, and a passionate evangelist of the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. An entrepreneur since college he founded and/or lead the software teams for five startups. For seven years he helped grow the residential solar industry at One Block off the Grid, guiding the company through two acquisitions as VP of Engineering. After watching the corporate behemoth NRG destroy everything they had built he co-founded the Terran Collective to figure out how humans can cooperate fully at every level, in service to all beings thriving! While building the foundations of Terran, Tibet has also worked with DAOstack, building the decentralized governance dApp Alchemy, and has co-created an international Community Weavers Guild.

Clare Politano

Clare is an eco-social entrepreneur and movement artist whose mission is channeling resources to healing. At The Mushroom Farm, Clare leads communications and educational programs in service of the project’s goal to achieve food, water, and energy sovereignty and share best practices in regeneration to inspire the global community. She is also a core steward of Terran Collective, an experiment in regenerative bioregional community, acting in coherence to create a world where All Beings Thrive. Clare has worked in architecture, refugee resettlement, yoga, nutrition, and regenerative agriculture contributing her skills in design, communications, and software engineering. She envisions a future where humans remember our destiny as responsible stewards of the Earth, living in reciprocal partnership with the land and the more-than-human community.

Nicholas Salmons

Nicholas is a creative leader, designer, convener and place-maker with twelve years of experience managing high-impact projects, executing top-quality custom builds, and producing tailored cultural events with a focus on community, sustainability, and greening the built environment. Designing and building spaces for community and festivals has led him to join the community at the Mushroom Farm, where he is helping to restore the land and build spaces for communal thriving.

Aaron Brodeur

Aaron is a systems designer, artist, musician, builder and entrepreneur. His work in technology building social apps, sales systems, satellite solar design tools, distributed governance tools, nationwide activism platforms and product designs have touched millions. He is a core steward of the Terran Collective, using all he’s learned to design systems and tools for thriving in an uncertain future.

Why the bioregional focus? What is our bioregion?

This gathering descends from a history of bioregional congresses. “Humans have long understood that security is found in acting responsibly at home – in our neighborhoods and watersheds, our bioregions. Bioregions are living systems where every being is connected to, and interdependent with every other; bioregions are not by property lines, states, or nations, but by rock, soil, weather, water, terrain, plants, animals, human cultures and human settlements.

Bioregionalism calls for active citizenship in the whole of life, yet its key understanding is cultural: attention to place, to local history, natural history, and to how a community’s hopes, wounds, and dreams can inform enduring ways of life that will heal the planet’s bioregions and their inhabitants.

Bioregionalism cultivates learning the natural history of all our relations in order to craft diverse human societies respectful of place and planet.

We can have the greatest impact where we live, so let us start working in our communities and on the land we are stewarding.

The Terran Collective’s current working definition of our Bay Area bioregion is limited to an ecological understanding, informed by data points such as climate, soil, ecology, watersheds, physiography, potential natural communities, and natural processes. This boundary is not yet inclusive of social, economic, cultural, or political boundary markers that will be incorporated into our definition of the bioregion. This currently includes: most of Sonoma County, partial Napa County, Marin County, partial Solano county, partial Contra Costa County, San Francisco County, San Mateo County, Alameda County, partial Santa Clara County, partial Santa Cruz County.

At the Terran Cospiracy, we will present possible ecological boundaries, socio-cultural and socio-economic boundaries, and political boundaries as a palimpsest for group discussion around how to define our bioregion.

Why "Cospiracy?"

Conspire means to breath with each other, and cospire means to breathe together as one. 

To heal our world from the inside out, at the individual, collective, and planetary level, we must learn to breathe together as one, with each of us honoring our own purpose, breathing at our own pace, as a whole part of the whole of nature.